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Real Deception


When I looked for images that depicted “deception”, I ran across countless images of infidelity, masked individuals, racist posters and demonic images.  Deception was most depicted by images of one person involved in a deceptive plot with another.  Most of the images portrayed scantly clad women involved with men in a liaison.  Ironically, I did not see too many images of scantly clad men involved in a liaison with a women.  However, it does happen.  But, could it be that we are deceiving ourselves?  I had a powerful dream last night.  At first thought I just wanted to pray the dream away, but I realized that God was trying to teach me something important.

In the dream, my parents had moved into a new house.  They had designated rooms for my siblings, but refused to designate a room for me.  I was married. I had a home.  They did not…

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